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The project "Warmia-Masuria, Umbria, Dalmatia-flavour of regions"is focused on the development of vocational training of students and teachers and on acquiring practical skills. The project is a response to the ensuing need to improve the quality of catering services in Europe. The innovation of the project indicatesits scope and content. The project is aimed at improving the quality of fish and seafood served in local restaurants in Warmia-Masuria, Umbria and Dalmatia regions. The improvement will be done by raising the professional competence and practical skillsgained through the preparation and drawing up of fish dishes and processing of food with the help of natural and traditional methods.

To ensure the realization of the objectives of the project, the three partner schools connected with catering industryhave built a strategic partnership for vocational education. This project brings together schools from regions of Warmia -Masuria , Umbria and Dalmatia and aims at the exchange of experiences of good practice by organizing cooking workshops. Cooking workshops are partially planned in local restaurants and partly at schools, which are prepared to conduct this kind of activities. During the project activities the participants will create following results: Cookbook contains descriptions of regional dishes of the above mentioned regions and Dictionary of regional cuisine.

The main aim of the project Erasmus + "Warmia-Masuria, Umbria, Dalmatia -flavour of regions" is to enable the participants of the project to improve their qualifications by preparing them in a practical way to perform in the future the profession of cook and related occupations in the field of regional cuisine of Warmia and Mazury, Umbria and Dalmatia. The schools taking part in the project want to raise the professional qualifications of teachers and students by using the experience of partner schools in order to improve workers' skills by using new tools and teaching methods.

Participant schools




The common goal of the participant schools is to ensure the easier recognition of vocational skills and qualifications in different countries regardless of whether they are acquired through formal or non-formal education. Training and tools adopted here will ensure the implementation of the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy which are also included in the Strategy for the Development of the Regions.

The project will last for to years ( 2016-2018). In the project activities will take part a total of 30 students from the three partner schools, 15 teachers and three tutors –people who will take care of students during mobilities. In choosing participants, the schools will be guided by the principle of gender equality and they will take into account students with fewer opportunities.

The international cooperation is needed for the project, because by workingunder the guidance of professional coaches, participants will be able to learn specific techniques during working on regional products, they will be able to choose a fresh product of the highest quality and prepare it in professional way.

The added value to the project will be the raising of participants' awareness about the traditions, culture and culinary heritage of the above mentioned regions, which will increase the attractiveness of their gastronomic offer. The project is aimed to gain new practical skills, building an European identity and the use of foreign languages. The project will improve the quality of vocational training.

During the project we will prepare dishes from fish and seafood.

We have three intermational meetings and we will discuss all details connected with our project.

We will prepare workshops for our teachers ( 5 from Poland, 5 from Italy and 5 from Croatia) as well as for our students ( 11 students from each school – 33 students together )

In our project we have planned mobilities for our participants: to Poland , Italy and Croatia.

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