Alberghiero De Carolis - Spoleto

The whole building of st. Paul is called after the church dedicated ton the apostle paul. The church dates back to the vi century, at the beginning it was a monastery and nuns lived there. Later it became a place for male beggars, but in 1868 also female beggars lived there, the so called” lunatic, quiet, harmless” so it became a mental home, only in 1960 it became an old people’s home.The building of st. Paul inter vineas, is a school surrounded by green and in the beauty of the landscape, infact there are many trees and a beautiful sight of spoleto and its most famous monuments: the cxastle, st. Peter’s, and monteluco.

The school represents one of the best example of a building where students can study in a comfortable environment and feel at their ease.Next to the school there is the boarding-school, where students from all over italy and all over the world can stay during the school year.

In our school there are five professional courses: enogastronomic, bartending, receptionist, commercial services and tourism. Each of them give the students the opportunity to study two or three languages and to improve them thanks to linguistic strages abroad.

In the summer time, our students go to seaside or mountain establishments to improve their working skill, getting good professional training. There is also the school-work alternation. Once a week the students don’t go to school to go and work in many establishments of the town.

There are many other activities and projects we do with foreign countries, as erasmus plus, and in the summer time our students go abroad to work in many establishments, improving their working and speaking skills.

There is another erasmus project we are doing with poland and croatia, and students will attend  cooking courses in  the hotellery schools of the three countries (italy,poland,croatia ).


Zespół Szkół nr 2 w Szczytnie im Jędrzeja Śniadeckiego


The building of Zespół Szkół nr 2 in Szczytno was rebuilt after II World War and put to use in 1955 as Pedagogical Lyceum. Zespół Szkół Zawodowych (Vocational Schools Complex) was created In 1973, and from 2003 it has functioned as Zespół Szkół nr 2.

Before II World War the building functioned as Gymnasium Hindenburgschule, and before as Lehrerseminar. Both buildings were destroyed during I and II World War.

We combine didactics with services for local community through teaching teenagers and organizing various events: conferences, banquets, catering, running the school hotel, canteen. We take an active part in the life of the region.

The patron of the school is Jędrzej Śniadecki. He was a Polish writer, physician, chemist and biologist. His achievements include, among others,  the creation of modern Polish terminology in the field of chemistry.

First profiles in the school included: Technical School of Roads, Technical School of Rettery, Vocational School of Construction.

The graduates of our school play a vital role in the social and economic life. They are, among others:

  • Teachers in our school
  • Academic teachers
  • Businessmen
  • Local politicians
  • CEOs
  • Firefighters

Through years, the profiles changed to agricultural ones, because of such a need on the market. The agricultural graduates increased in a great way the level of agricultural production, introducing specialist, high-commodity farms (milk production, beef cattle, agro tourism)

Later, the need occurred for profiles connected with food processing and services sector. So, a Technical School of Catering, Technical School of Food Technology and Technical Schools with profiles of a Cook and Waiter emerged. In the next years, in accordance with regional strategy, which emphasized the development of tourist and rest areas, a Technical School of Hotelier and Tourism was created.

On the job market one could notice the lack of specialists from IT, so the directors of the school started cooperation with the CEO of 7bulls company – Cezary Augustynowicz (a graduate of our school). It enabled the creation of Lyceum with the profile of math and information technology (also called LO-Linux). A special asset of this kind of school is the objective of using Open source programmes.

Carrying out the idea of open school, it was decided to make it possible for handicapped students to continue learning at the level of middle school. At this point there was created the Lyceum with integration classes. It is the only school of this kind in the county. In order to eliminate architectonical barriers, the building was modernized. From 2001/2002 the students of these classes can use a new part of the building, which was fully prepared for their needs (e.g. a lift for students).

In 2010 the school enlarged its educational facilities with modern and fully equipped workshops for learning cooking and a beautiful sports hall.

At present, there are about 600 students and over 50 teachers in the school. There are 22 classrooms, 8 specialist workshops for learning professions and 3 computer labs, a gym, a sports hall and assembly hall. Moreover, in the school there is a nurse’s office, kitchen, canteen, cafe, hotel and sports field.

An integral part of the school is a pavilion fully prepared for disabled people.

The school is recognized in the county as well as abroad. One of the many reasons for this fact is that we regularly cooperate with schools from abroad in various projects, e.g. Erasmus +.

Turističko - ugostiteljska škola Split

Tourism and Catering School in Split  was founded on 1st September 1960. We provide education and training to approximately 760 Culinarv Arts and Tourism students in different programmes: front desk clerks, food and beverage managers, waiters, cooks, pastry chefs and kitchen porters (students with learning problems) as well as  countiniuing education and corporate training for adults in the field of tourism and hospitality industry.

Tourism and Catering school in Split is the first school in Croatia which has become the member of AEHT (European Association of Hotel and Tourism Schools). Accompaning  teachers and students participate in various competitions, congresses, seminars and visits all over Europe. We collaborate with schools from Austria, Italy, France, Slovenia, Macedonia, etc. Our students have won numerous prizes, medals and diplomas at competitions.

The school has participated successfully in 3 mobility programmes in the framework of COMENIUS ( Portfolio 2011.- Greece) , COMENIUS (B.Well with 5 partner schools 2013.-2015.) and Erasmus + ( UNESCO Heritage with 6 school partners 2014.-2016.).                                                         

Also this year we participate in KA2 project 'Flavours of the region' ', together with Poland and Italy. The project will end in 2018. The school also successfully finish one KA1 project ‘Spice up your life’ in Italy - Bologna where our students (30 students) attend practice for a period of 21 days.

Besides that, schol cooperates with the Tourismusschulen from Semmering, Austria in the project called  „ Croatian dinner in Semmering“ and „Austrian dinner in Split“. This cooperation is a good way to promote the tourist offer of both countries in the field enogastronomy.

For the past several years our students have won a number of best results in national and international Gastro competitions which resulted in positioning our school among the top tourism and catering schools in Croatia (Presentation of tourist destinations, Front office, bar discipline, wine presentation and menu serving ) .Tourism and catering school in Split has participated in various professional fairs for a long period of time such as Interstas (International tourist, tourfilm and landscape festival, were  our school was awarded the Golden Interstas prize for a long and successful cooperation with the fair and the prize for the best short amateur film „A Stroll with Diocletian“);  Gast – the fair of catering and hotel equipment, a manifestation called Christmas in Europe which took place in Zagreb where we showed traditional ways of celebrating Christmas in Split, Dalmatia;  the county high school food and  bar presentation on the island of Vis;  the culinary festival the Pearl of the Sea; the, EuroSkills competition in Lion, France 2014;  and many other manifestations.

Our school is a tourist-catering school and thus is focused on continuously developing relationships with other schools and potential partners in order to ensure wider and various  development according to the settings of projects and goals.